My Diabetes Inklings

Social Distancing with Diabetes

How the world has changed so quickly within a few days/weeks/months where we’re suddenly living out the Contagion movie. I didn’t think it would take me so long to adjust to isolation life; I was always keen on the idea of working from home anyway. It wasn’t until I saw a quote on twitter that nicely described my struggle:

Every time someone asks how I’m going, it’s impossible to be anything but positive. There are so many things I am grateful for and others in worse conditions that I really can’t complain about anything. It almost feels a little bit like survivor’s guilt. We’ve got a roof over our heads, food to eat, regular income, toilet paper to wipe our bums and the Internet to connect with friends and family.

At the same time, there’s no denying the tinge of stress and uncertainty that COVID19 has brought to our home. I am worried that when there won’t be insulin or my usual diabetes supplies when I go to the pharmacy (another reason not to panic buy!). I am scared of contracting the virus cos I know diabetes and viruses never play nice together. I am exhausted from the impact of stress sending my blood sugars into its own theme park with wild roller coasters.

You’d think that being in a routine at home would help with diabetes management. Yet I forget that stress likes to create surprises in blood glucose profiles. The only thing I’ve really enjoyed was the shift to using telehealth for my diabetes appointments, which has saved me so much time travelling and sitting in waiting rooms!

Even though everything is physically fine, my mental health has certainly been impacted. There are days where I am super productive and other days where I just can’t. Thankfully we’re still able to go for walks and I’m trying to incorporate this where I have a small break from work to get some sunshine in. I’ve made yoga a daily must-do to get my body moving and my boxing trainer has been running free online sessions everyday.

Isolation has really forced me to focus on myself more than ever. Now is as good of a time to remember that everyone processes stress differently. If you need to take a break from social media, do it. If you haven’t got the time to learn a new hobby or cook a scrumptious banquet everyday, don’t sweat it. I am, though, expecting a whole lot of handmade gifts and feasts in the near future from my crafty and foodie friends!

I’m surviving the days by counting my blessings, and prioritising things that really matter in my life. Treasure the things that make you smile and find things that make you belly laugh. The COVID19 pandemic is madness but it has also gifted us a rare moment of stillness in the world among its chaos.

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