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Supporting the Highs and Lows of College Life – Interview with Christina Roth

Earlier this year I had the privilege of interviewing College Diabetes Network (CDN) founder Christina Roth on her work in supporting college students with diabetes in America. Since my PhD area is in diabetes self-management in young adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes during life transitions, of course we had plenty to chat about outside our interview questions. 

Together we shared many stories, experiences and views on supporting young adults with diabetes during such a major transition in their lives. I was particularly intrigued with the similarities and differences between healthcare, policies and support systems between America and Australia.

To date, there isn’t anything similar to CDN here in Australia. I was diagnosed in my second year of starting university, so having some sort of diabetes peer support group definitely would have been useful. Eventually, I met more peers with diabetes on my university campus through volunteering on diabetes camps. But I’m sure there are many more people with diabetes on campus who wouldn’t mind the extra peer support during university life!

It is always exciting to meet others who share a passion in what you believe in and are working towards. I wish Christina and CDN the very best in their future endeavours and look forward to chatting in person soon. Check out the interview article in the latest issue of Diabetes Voice magazine by the International Diabetes Federation.

Full magazine: Diabetes Voice Volume 60 | Issue 1

Article: Supporting the Highs and Lows of College Life – Interview with Christina Roth 

College Diabetes Network: Website

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