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Road block

Yesterday, I posted a Wordless Wednesday on the potential that I may have shin splints. I am absolutely devastated by these turn of events, considering how hard I have been training in the lead up to Run Melbourne 2013.

I was never a runner and my decision to start running was partially fuelled by my boyfriend. He had always wanted someone to run with and we tried this a long time ago. I barely made it 100m before I was absolutely breathless and giving up. Fast forward to last week when we managed (more like struggled) to run 5km along the beach with a little break at the mid point. Then fast forward again to a few days ago, where we actually ran 6km together without stopping. 6 KILOMETRES! WITHOUT STOPPING! All the caps lock and bold font in the world cannot emphasise how huge this was for the both of us. Yet maybe it was my persistence and determination that became my downfall. I had ramped my running up so quickly in such a short amount of time that my body started to freak out. It freaked out big time.

Being in slight pain during the run, I thought, was always normal. It was the kind of pain that I would only notice I paid it any attention. When my shin started to hurt after my run, I knew something something wasn’t right. Especially given the fact that it was only my right leg that would hurt. If I had done a proper workout, assuming I did it correctly, surely I would be sore in both legs. The more longer distances I ran, the longer it  would hurt after I had finished. It was not until we did our massive, super amazing and awesome 6km run that I knew I needed to rest my shin. After that run, we drove down to the shops for some dinner and my right leg decided it did not want to hold any weight without being in excruciating pain. I was not amused.

When my trainer aka my boyfriend, told me that I would probably need to take a break from running for a couple of weeks (which also meant the Run Melbourne), I cried. I had worked so hard towards my goal of running the whole 5km for Run Melbourne 2013. I could do it! I know I could. But he is right about not wanting to do any long term damage. There will be other races to run. So I guess I will truly be hobbling through the race on the 21st! Hopefully when I see my doctor on Monday, he will be able to give me some good news and that all I need is a week of rest and I can run my 5km race. Until then, I am hoping that the ice packs, massages and deep heat will do something in alleviating this pain.

13 thoughts on “Road block”

  1. Shin splints are the worst!

    I had terrible shin splints in one leg a few months ago; after going to the podiatrist turned out I needed orthotics, now I never get them anymore – even during my pathetic attempts at running!

    1. Oh no! I’ve been told I need orthotics too. Maybe that’s why! But they’re just too expensive to afford! So what do you do now instead of running?


      1. They are soo expensive I know, but worth it if you’re doing a lot of running. I think you can get cheaper ones from sports stores maybe? Obviously wouldn’t be quite as good as from podiatrist but may still offer some relief. I still do a but of running, only really on the treadmill though which I find a lot easier than on the pavement! Otherwise I use the crosstrainer, also a lot gentler. Good luck!

      2. I normally do the cross trainer and have never had any issues with that. Might try the treadmill though I have a thing against running indoors haha. Thanks for the tips!


  2. So sorry to hear this, Ash. What a bummer. Maybe it’s life’s way of testing you… you know, throw up an obstacle to see if you’re really serious? Kick some ass and show life who’s the boss (but only AFTER you rest & heal).

    1. Oh life is definitely testing me now! Haha don’t worry I always kick some serious ass 😉 (after I rest up and heal of course!)


  3. Oh no Ash, that’s so upsetting 😦 I have had a lot of running injuries over the years and I cry every time. I actually cried last night because my arches were really sore during a run.
    Don’t lose faith just yet though – you might still be able to walk/run the Run Melbourne slowly and then work towards doing another 5km later in the year. There are loads of runs – look at them all on the Cool Running website:

    Good luck! x

    1. Aww these injuries just really test your determination don’t they! I think I’ll do just that and check out other runs later in the year, when I have had enough time to train for them too! All the best with your running 🙂


  4. You know, you’re such a drama queen sometimes 🙂 you didn’t drop pace in the 6km, and with your determination and fitness – you could’ve run 10. Also it was the fastest self-set pace for you yet; with a bit of rest and working on your running technique, you can be running 6k daily! :D… save money on pizza delivery?

    1. I’m sure we’ve once established that I’m a princess 😉

      Thanks. It’s just disappointing that I have to stop when I’ve been working so hard for it. Thank you for your patience and encouragement.

      And I’m not going to be your pizza delivery runner girl!

  5. Aww no, I just saw this. I hope your doing a lot better? I’ve had shin splints on one of my many attempts at running lol. Will be routing for you to cross that finish line. Goodluck!

    1. Thanks 🙂 it’s slightly better. I’ve been very diligent with the icing but I missed my doc’s appointment this morning to get it checked out 😡 can’t wait to get back on track! I’m still slightly hopefully that I will be able to run!


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