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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

My family never used to celebrate Christmas, but over the past few years, we’ve gotten swept away with the excitement of buying the presents and this year I’m proud to say we even got ourselves a little tree in the corner of our living area. As such we faced the unavoidable question last night of “what do we do with this after we’ve opened all our presents?”.

I decided that we’re going to make it into a birthday tree. So at the top will be sitting their name, and we’ll just pop their birthday presents under the tree! And come their birthday, it’ll be like xmas for them all over again! I quite liked the idea…hehe

Opening our presents last night (mum could never wait to open presents) was probably the best thing about christmas for me. The laughter, shrieks of surprise and amusement absolutely made hunting around in crowded shopping centres at the peak of christmas period absolutely worth it. Especially when Daph almost had a heart attack cos she thought the gave mum the same present as Nicole. One of the best part of my presents (apart from the Bones DVD and the Swatch watch I got) was reading the card that dad wrote to me. It was really heartfelt and worth more than any present I could’ve received (although a new pancreas and possibly digestive tract would be appreciated).

Another major highlight in terms of gifts this festive period, was a christmas gift that I had constructed for a close friend of mine. He set me the challenge of learning how to make these tiny origami cubes. It took me an entire work day to learn to put it together and once I had gotten the hang of it, I was going crazy with them. I had somehow managed to buy out the store’s stock of that particular type of origami paper as it was smaller than the average origami paper, creating a sturdier structure. My manager also suggested to put bells in them and give them to the cat or hang them on the christmas tree. So I took onboard his suggestion and started putting bells in them which my coworkers found highly amusing haha. I ended up buying a box from the gift shop to put it in and to my absolute amusement, the cubes lined the bottom of the box perfectly in 5×5 rows. I ended up buying a yellow submarine tea strainer to put in the put and supported them with more cubes around and covered it with paper stars to be sneaky. I had so much fun putting it together haha and the look on his face was just priceless when he opened it.

It’s also amazing the enthusiasm my mother has for these celebrations. Even if she didn’t believe the religious side of it, she loved having a bit of fun with our presents, made little tinsel hats for us and surprised us with an amazing christmas brekkie this morning.

The biggest gift of all this christmas, is to be home with my family and relaxing.

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