My Diabetes Inklings

What is a healthy lifestyle?

Often, people attribute a healthy lifestyle to good eating habits and regular physical activity. Yet we don’t always talk about managing our emotional health and learning about balance. Continue reading “What is a healthy lifestyle?”

My Diabetes Inklings

Diabetes 1, Ashley 0

I’m having one of those bad diabetes days. The days where have a jam-packed day filled only to have diabetes come and wipe you out. I hate those days because I spend so much effort trying to get back on track. Continue reading “Diabetes 1, Ashley 0”

My Diabetes Inklings

Dem Pesky Toenails

Feet are weird. A few years ago, I decided that I will make more of an effort to look after my feet. Although I’ve developed a greater sense of appreciation for them (and podiatrists) over the last few years, I still feel really uncomfortable when people touch my feet. Someone tell me I’m not the only one please!

Anyway, the pain in my toes started a couple of years ago. They were made worse by inheriting nice boots that were a size too small for me. Coupled with the fact that I’m not flexible enough to cut my own toenails properly, I ended up with ingrown toenails. #gross  Continue reading “Dem Pesky Toenails”