My Diabetes Inklings

The Well-meaning Friend

As people with diabetes, we all know the dangers of sugar-free lollies. Whether it be through personal experience or reading the Amazon reviews of sugar-free gummi bears. I have to admit I treated myself to sugar free chocolate during the early days of my diagnosis until I discovered dark chocolate. But I’ve never had any bad experiences with artificial sweeteners. Until a few days ago.  Continue reading “The Well-meaning Friend”

My Diabetes Inklings


I’ve just arrived home from Indianapolis where I attended the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) Annual Meeting for 2017. As part of the conference, I managed to attend a tour of Roche Headquarters to see how test strips are made and the Eli Lilly Headquarters, which included a historical tour of the company over the years. On top of that I was able to catch up with friends, make many new ones and learn so much in the diabetes education space in America. I posted day by day updates from the Beta Change Facebook page, but thought I would write something here too

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My Diabetes Inklings

America – The Land of Discoveries

I’m so excited for my first visit to America (outside of LAX airport) for the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) conference to present my research findings! I am giving myself permission to rest before the conference kicks in, which is weird but liberating at the same time. It’s hard to switch off and I find myself still working on bits and pieces. So I thought I’d write a post about my odd American encounters so far. Continue reading “America – The Land of Discoveries”