My Diabetes Inklings


In my last post, I spoke about feeling absolutely burnt out with diabetes. Thank you to everyone who reached out and checked in. I really appreciated it.

I’m currently in Vancouver in preparation for the IDF Young Leader In Diabetes Training before the World Diabetes Congress. Hanging out with the Young Leaders and Faculty members makes the hard work, stress and tears from past few months worth it. Conversations tend to run deep out of the blue and tonight, empowerment was a word that rang out and hit me hard. Continue reading “Empowerment.”

My Diabetes Inklings

Final Countdown!

This time next month, I’ll be settling into Vancouver and launching into the final preparations for the IDF Young Leader in Diabetes programme training. That’s 4 weeks or 28 days. Well 31 days from now actually. Continue reading “Final Countdown!”

My Diabetes Inklings

With diabetes, I can…

When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I never realised the impact it would have on my life. The endless needles, medications, worries, appointments and financial costs accompanying diabetes is a huge burden to live with for the rest of my life. Yet along the way, I found my passion for education within healthcare and my drive for helping other people with diabetes.  Continue reading “With diabetes, I can…”