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JDRF – Jump to Cure Diabetes

Not a week goes by without some news article about diabetes making it into the media. Generally, these pieces generally focusses on type 2 diabetes and plays on the stereotypical scenario of poor lifestyle choices. Millions of dollars are poured into prevention programs for type 2 diabetes every year by the government. With all the spotlight on type 2 diabetes, it’s not surprising that people with type 1 diabetes feel left out. Continue reading “JDRF – Jump to Cure Diabetes”

My Diabetes Inklings

Junior Camp – A fly on the wall

I couldn’t think of a better way to start the year than with diabetes camp! Junior Camp is organised and run annually by Diabetes Camp Victoria for kids with type 1 diabetes aged between 10 and 12 years old. This year, 65 kids had the opportunity to camp at Anglesea YMCA and did activities such as surfing, big swing, indoor rock climbing and had a day out at Geelong Adventure Park. Camps are a fantastic opportunity for kids to make friends with other kids their age living with diabetes. Often I overhear kids exchanging experiences and encouraging each other, which is what camp is about. For this camp, I went with my health professional hat on as a dietitian’s assistant rather than a leader or coordinator. I was grateful for this opportunity as this position is highly sought after but it also gave me the opportunity to sit back and observe camp with a different perspective.

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My Diabetes Inklings

Avoiding Burnouts

As part of Diabetes Awareness Month, the American Recall Centre have been collecting advice and tips on living with diabetes from other bloggers. I was lucky enough to be approached for my two cents worth and my advice was (and still is) to ‘Be kind to yourself; take time for yourself to avoid burnouts’. Check out their blog post and what they have gathered so far here. My little tip is based on personal experience and I also think it’s something that many people can relate to. In hindsight, I wished someone had given me this nifty piece of advice in my early years of diagnosis. Continue reading “Avoiding Burnouts”