My Diabetes Inklings

Do’s and Don’ts of talking to a PWD

While talking about my diabetes is never an off the table topic with friends, there are ways of going about it without awkwardness. There are times where I do feel conscious about my diabetes. Particularly when I’m out and don’t want the focus to be on my pancreas but me as a person. Diabetes is only a little part of me, I’m sure my jokes, ability to laugh at anything and love for cats are the real stars of the show.  Continue reading “Do’s and Don’ts of talking to a PWD”

My Diabetes Inklings


In my last post, I spoke about feeling absolutely burnt out with diabetes. Thank you to everyone who reached out and checked in. I really appreciated it.

I’m currently in Vancouver in preparation for the IDF Young Leader In Diabetes Training before the World Diabetes Congress. Hanging out with the Young Leaders and Faculty members makes the hard work, stress and tears from past few months worth it. Conversations tend to run deep out of the blue and tonight, empowerment was a word that rang out and hit me hard. Continue reading “Empowerment.”

My Diabetes Inklings

Embracing the Grey – Guest Post for mySugr

Check out my guest post on about not fitting neatly into a diabetes diagnosis category. Surprisingly, this had numerous repercussions in accessing medical treatment and diabetes education in Australia. Your diabetes type dictated accessibility (mostly affordability) in using insulin pump therapy. There are few (if any) diabetes group education relevant for young adults with type 2 diabetes. Continue reading “Embracing the Grey – Guest Post for mySugr”