General Life Happenings

Rewind, Recap, Restart.

Recently, I've been feeling very stressed and overwhelmed with the many things going on in my life. As work and uni start to take first priority, I've started to let other things slide; things that make me smile and laugh; things that make me sigh with relief. So you can imagine that the smiles and… Continue reading Rewind, Recap, Restart.

General Life Happenings, My Diabetes Inklings

Me vs Diabetes.

I've just had a really crappy d-week. Let's recap: Was forced to pull out from diabetes camp at the very last minute due to health. Sadface number 1.  Had numerous hypos (I mean numerous!) throughout the week. Felt like I was constantly having a hypo hangover all week. Sadface number 2. (At least I never… Continue reading Me vs Diabetes.

General Life Happenings

Finding a de-stressor!

Been a while since I've had time to sit down to write. Noticed that my last post was on the 17th of March. Amazing! I should be doing some work now but it's already so late, and my brain is exhausted I figured I'd be more productive in the morning after I've had a good… Continue reading Finding a de-stressor!