General Life Happenings

Laughing Through Life

2016 has brought out the inner drama in life. We're only in February and I'm pretty sure I'm at my limit with surprises the year intends on throwing at me. Each time there's gloom and doom, I'm sure to make some sort of stupid joke. Because even though things are hard, we must never forget to… Continue reading Laughing Through Life

My Diabetes Inklings

Final Countdown!

This time next month, I'll be settling into Vancouver and launching into the final preparations for the IDF Young Leader in Diabetes programme training. That's 4 weeks or 28 days. Well 31 days from now actually. There are so many emotions jumping out at me. I'm excited to be catching up with friends I had made… Continue reading Final Countdown!

My Diabetes Inklings

Lifting the Grey

Being the eldest of three in my family, you could say that I appreciate being independent. However, there are times that I may be overly independent and refuse to share my burden or even talk about it (story of my life at the moment). As a result, I often feel myself slipping into a moody heap… Continue reading Lifting the Grey