My Diabetes Inklings

RunMelbourne 2013

Last weekend, I did my first ever fun run! I wrote about what led me to this decision (here) and the challenges I encountered (here). Since my last post, I had been really good and took every opportunity I could to rest my leg. There was a lot of hobbling, wincing and ice packs involved to the point where I decided to see my GP about it. Surprise, surprise, he told me all this information I hadn’t already known about resting. Here I was, in absolute agony and limping into his office, and there he was absolutely nonchalant about it. Doctors and frustration seem to go hand in hand!  Continue reading “RunMelbourne 2013”

My Diabetes Inklings

Road block

Yesterday, I posted a Wordless Wednesday on the potential that I may have shin splints. I am absolutely devastated by these turn of events, considering how hard I have been training in the lead up to Run Melbourne 2013.

I was never a runner and my decision to start running Continue reading “Road block”

My Diabetes Inklings

Wordless Wednesday – Shin Splints

Hoping to get good news from the doc on Monday. Please let it not be shin splints!