My Diabetes Inklings

Life Beyond Numbers

From time to time, I am invited back to my high school to talk about my journey since graduation. I never know why they keep inviting me back as I usually feel like I haven’t got much to say. So when I was told that I had 30 minutes to speak to the junior school (year 7 and 8’s), I totally blanked out.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I do have some words of wisdom. These are things that I had not truly appreciated or understood while I was at high school. Interestingly enough, it was diabetes that reminded me of these, especially with the current #beyondA1c movement.

So my biggest message for them today was that there is life beyond numbers. Continue reading “Life Beyond Numbers”

General Life Happenings


I draw my inspiration and motivation from many places. Mostly it’s from people around me and my experiences prompts some element of change, which reinvigorates me when I start to feel burned out with life in general (not just with diabetes management).  Continue reading “Inspiration”

General Life Happenings

Laughing Through Life

2016 has brought out the inner drama in life. We’re only in February and I’m pretty sure I’m at my limit with surprises the year intends on throwing at me. Each time there’s gloom and doom, I’m sure to make some sort of stupid joke. Because even though things are hard, we must never forget to laugh or smile. Continue reading “Laughing Through Life”