My Diabetes Inklings

With diabetes, I can…

When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I never realised the impact it would have on my life. The endless needles, medications, worries, appointments and financial costs accompanying diabetes is a huge burden to live with for the rest of my life. Yet along the way, I found my passion for education within healthcare and my drive… Continue reading With diabetes, I can…

Dear Healthcare Professionals

A dietitian eats WHAT?!

In my PhD office, there's a lot of excitement and buzz in the air. Even though we're located in the newest building on the university campus, we're about to move to our newly renovated dig to be closer with the other nursing staff and students.  "Hang on, did she just say nursing, I thought she's a… Continue reading A dietitian eats WHAT?!

My Diabetes Inklings

Patient Empowerment in Diabetes Self-Management

A while ago, I blogged about a patient led and patient authored series on BMJ called What Your Patient Is Thinking. I am so proud to read a piece published in this series by my good friend and past president of the International Diabetes Federation's Young Leaders in Diabetes programme Alex Silverstein. His topic was on what… Continue reading Patient Empowerment in Diabetes Self-Management