My Diabetes Inklings


Yesterday I celebrated 24 years of being part of this world. And as I write this post, I’m running between my desk and the toilet. Mostly I’m in the toilet though, having had food poisoning (or something) in the last few days. Not the best way I would imagine spending my birthday weekend. Nonetheless, I had a great time celebrating with my loved ones and friends.

Birthdays are also a time where I like to reflect on the year that has passed… Continue reading “24”

My Diabetes Inklings

Review, Reflect and React

Sometimes, all you need in a busy schedule is to set some time aside just to take a step back and see where things are. With placement, uni assignments and other personal things going, it’s hard to find ANY spare time. Let alone finding time to reflect on things! But particularly with diabetes management, I think that’s all you need, even if it’s just seeing that you’re on the right track. Continue reading “Review, Reflect and React”

My Diabetes Inklings

RunMelbourne 2013

Last weekend, I did my first ever fun run! I wrote about what led me to this decision (here) and the challenges I encountered (here). Since my last post, I had been really good and took every opportunity I could to rest my leg. There was a lot of hobbling, wincing and ice packs involved to the point where I decided to see my GP about it. Surprise, surprise, he told me all this information I hadn’t already known about resting. Here I was, in absolute agony and limping into his office, and there he was absolutely nonchalant about it. Doctors and frustration seem to go hand in hand!  Continue reading “RunMelbourne 2013”