My Diabetes Inklings

Consumer Outreach Program- ADS/ADEA 2014

Over the two main days of the Australian Diabetes Society and Australian Diabetes Educators Association, I was sick. My body loves timing these things well and over this week, I finally conceded defeat and took time off for the first time in a long while. Although that meant missing most of the conference, I was still able to get down to the Technology in Diabetes session on Wednesday as well as the Consumer Outreach Program on the Friday.

Disclaimer: I was sponsored by OzDOC to attend the Consumer Outreach Program on the basis of shamelessly plugging of one of the best communities I have ever been involved with. 

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My Diabetes Inklings

Say NO to Diabetes Stigma & Discrimination

At my last endocrinologist visit, I was asked if I thought I have type 1 diabetes. After thinking about it for a little while, I replied, ‘No, but I don’t think I have type 2 diabetes either’. With a laugh, he asked ‘Well then, what type do you think it is? That’s the million dollar question isn’t it?’ Continue reading “Say NO to Diabetes Stigma & Discrimination”

My Diabetes Inklings

Climbing out of a rut

The word ‘hectic’ is probably an adequate summary of my last few weeks. I’m at the tail end of my Masters degree, which means attending placement full-time amongst a pile of assignments while keeping an eye out on the job market. Not to mention all the other things outside of study! Maybe that’s why I wasn’t surprised when I came to the realisation that my diabetes care has fallen behind. Continue reading “Climbing out of a rut”