My Diabetes Inklings

What is a healthy lifestyle?

Often, people attribute a healthy lifestyle to good eating habits and regular physical activity. Yet we don't always talk about managing our emotional health and learning about balance. I was thinking about this as I ventured to the Queen Victoria Winter Night Market with my partner and a couple of friends. Market time usually means… Continue reading What is a healthy lifestyle?

Dear Healthcare Professionals

Storehouse by Scoop Nutrition

These days, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of nutrition related information you get from Dr Google. Everyone seems to be an expert on nutrition. Thankfully, there is now a blog directory of food, nutrition and health bloggers, all of whom are Australian nutrition professionals with established credentials.   Storehouse by Scoop… Continue reading Storehouse by Scoop Nutrition

Dear Healthcare Professionals


What do you get when you throw nutrition bloggers, researchers and health professionals together with Dairy Australia? Networking over beautiful cheese platters and a magnificent yoghurt bar, and an afternoon of learning about research in unnecessary dairy and wheat exclusion in today's diet. If you're interested in the Paleo diet, check out associate professor of nutrition and… Continue reading Dairy is LEGENDAIRY!