My Diabetes Inklings

Dealing with diabetes the nerdy way

In my early diabetes diagnosis days, I thought that the key to having perfect BGs came from restricting the amount of carbohydrate food I ate and exercising a lot. I kept logs of what I ate, what activity I did and plotted them against my BGs on an excel spreadsheet like a nerd. At the time (pre-insulin injections), none of these really worked on lowering my BGs because we had not worked out that the problem was in fact insulin deficiency, not insulin resistance.  Continue reading “Dealing with diabetes the nerdy way”

My Diabetes Inklings

Embracing the Grey – Guest Post for mySugr

Check out my guest post on about not fitting neatly into a diabetes diagnosis category. Surprisingly, this had numerous repercussions in accessing medical treatment and diabetes education in Australia. Your diabetes type dictated accessibility (mostly affordability) in using insulin pump therapy. There are few (if any) diabetes group education relevant for young adults with type 2 diabetes. Continue reading “Embracing the Grey – Guest Post for mySugr”

My Diabetes Inklings

mySugr Academy – Diabetes education made fun

A couple of weeks ago, my clever and amazing friends from mySugr launched a new platform for people with diabetes called mySugr Academy. Currently this online educational program is only available for people with type 2 diabetes, but hang on tight as they’re currently working on a curriculum for those with type 1 diabetes too.

Continue reading “mySugr Academy – Diabetes education made fun”