My Diabetes Inklings

Review, Reflect and React

Sometimes, all you need in a busy schedule is to set some time aside just to take a step back and see where things are. With placement, uni assignments and other personal things going, it’s hard to find ANY spare time. Let alone finding time to reflect on things! But particularly with diabetes management, I think that’s all you need, even if it’s just seeing that you’re on the right track. Continue reading “Review, Reflect and React”

My Diabetes Inklings

Just Keep Running…

I have just signed up for Run Melbourne 2013!


A year ago I would have outright said no to any sort of running and now I’ll be attempting to run 5km for fundraising purposes?!


How did this happen?

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My Diabetes Inklings

OzDAFNE – More Than Counting Carbs.

Two weeks ago, I happily sacrificed my study week at uni to attend the OzDAFNE course at Diabetes Australia Vic. Granted, I probably worked myself into the ground the week while trying to finish all my assignments. But it was mission accomplished! (sorta), which meant I could tackle the course with one less worry on my mind. So what is OzDAFNE exactly?

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