My Diabetes Inklings

Diabetes Blog Week – Day 2: Keep It To Yourself.

Day two of Diabetes Blog Week and the theme is things we would keep to ourselves and perhaps not share with the online world or even family and friends. Thinking about this, I realised that the thing I hide most about myself are my feelings, particularly when I'm stressed or worried over something.  I've always… Continue reading Diabetes Blog Week – Day 2: Keep It To Yourself.

Dear Healthcare Professionals, My Diabetes Inklings

International No Diet Day – May 6th

Today is International No Diet Day - a day to raise awareness for positive body image and the pitfalls of fad diets popularised by celebrities, media and the weight loss industries. Being a dietitian, I am often asked my opinion on a variety of diets; from diets specific to a person's blood type to liquid… Continue reading International No Diet Day – May 6th

My Diabetes Inklings

Kindness at Christmas Time

December marks a crazy month on my calendar every year. There are projects to finish up, end of year get togethers and celebrations to attend, shopping to do, presents to make and baking and cooking for family and friends. Let's not forget making sure that I have enough diabetes supplies to last me over the holiday period.… Continue reading Kindness at Christmas Time