Dear Healthcare Professionals, My Diabetes Inklings

Diabetic Diet? No way!

Ever wondered where hospital food comes from and the process it takes to get to a patient’s table? I never did. Until I started my Food Service placement 4 weeks ago. I started, not knowing what to expect. I came out of it, with a renewed sense of inspiration and humbleness. Continue reading “Diabetic Diet? No way!”

General Life Happenings

The Great Dilemma

It’s frustrating how it only takes one night of bad sleep to ruin a good run. Last week I was immensely proud that I had lost some weight and that it had stayed off, I was feeling awesome because of my exercise and I was starting to push myself harder at the gym. For the last few days, I seem to have gone backwards. My energy and concentration levels have been ridiculously low and I fatigue so easily despite sleeping early. This just demonstrates how important sticking to a routine is for me. Even though I get sick of routines quick frequently. yet I still wouldn’t say I regretted anything I have done or ate over the past few days. Continue reading “The Great Dilemma”