My Diabetes Inklings

Living With An Invisible Illness

My gym oversees the supermarket carpark, which is right near the beach. Being 41 degrees celsius yesterday, beachgoers flooded the carpark. From the treadmill upstairs, I watched a young couple park in a disabled spot, took their time grabbing all their beach gear and walk towards the beach. They were parked there for at least… Continue reading Living With An Invisible Illness

Dear Healthcare Professionals, My Diabetes Inklings

Diabetes and Food – A Fine Balance

Some nights ago, I ate an entire hot jam donut at the movies without feeling guilty and I was proud of myself.  Since diabetes entered my life, I became increasingly conscious of foods I eat. Right after my diagnosis, I severely restricted my diet. I was desperate to get my sugars within range as I was terrified of living… Continue reading Diabetes and Food – A Fine Balance

My Diabetes Inklings


World Diabetes Day has come and gone. Whilst it was great and heart-warming to see my Facebook and Twitter feed light up in blue diabetes messages, it was heart-wrenching to see devastating news articles of deaths, bombings and violence worldwide.  Perhaps with so much negativity of late around the world but also in the diabetes… Continue reading Defeated.