My Diabetes Inklings

Pumping – One Year On

In less than two weeks, I will be reaching my one year anniversary with pumpagotchi. My journey to get an insulin pump has been long and tedious, particularly in the final days before being admitted for my pump start up. (See 4 Years in the Making) Over the last 12 months, I’ve had lots of interesting and exciting experiences and adventures with pumpagotchi. Continue reading “Pumping – One Year On”

My Diabetes Inklings

Diabetes in the Wild

Lately, pumpagotchi has attracted a fair bit of attention and lots of interesting conversations.

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My Diabetes Inklings

Being Prepared with Diabetes

Thinking ahead and being prepared for any situation our dud pancreas throws at us is the story of our (people with diabetes) lives. It is something we have little say over, as not having appropriate backup could potentially be fatal.
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