My Diabetes Inklings

dX2Sydney – my takeaways

As per my previous blogpost on the LibreLink, I was lucky to be invited to the third dX2Sydney event. It was a busy couple of days and I went away feeling utterly exhausted but rested. Disclaimer applies that Abbott Diabetes Care paid for my accommodation and meals for the dX2Sydney2018 event and provided us with a Freestyle Libre sensor to trial their app. I was not asked nor am I being paid to write about the event or the LibreLink. Continue reading “dX2Sydney – my takeaways”

My Diabetes Inklings

An Evening with Sebastien Sasseville

There seem to be times where you happen to be in the right place and the right time and you get hit with a burst of inspiration. Tonight was one of those nights. I attended an event with Sebastien Sasseville, hosted by AMSL Diabetes. He spoke about what he learned from managing his diabetes through his Everest and Sahara Dessert journeys. The funniest part is that all his lessons and wisdom he imparted aren’t just applicable to diabetes. They are life lessons.

Continue reading “An Evening with Sebastien Sasseville”

My Diabetes Inklings

Uniting The Diabetes Community

Kerri is an inspiration to many people living with diabetes. For me, it’s her advocacy work to unite the diabetes community and to give voices to the unheard that has earned her a place as one of my diabetes heroes. Check out her recent interview about breaking the diabetes stigma. Continue reading “Uniting The Diabetes Community”