My Diabetes Inklings

The Morning After (when zombies cry)

I’ve written before about how overnight hypos are my schoolyard bullies in the diabetes world (see Overnight Shenanigans and Hypos, Dementors and Nutella). Right now, I’m working my hardest to try and get my overnight BGs sorted. I am so sick and over either having random lows in the middle of the night or waking up higher than where I like to be. The latter is something I can deal with no big dramas. It’s dealing with the morning after the lows that suck.  Continue reading “The Morning After (when zombies cry)”

My Diabetes Inklings

Overnight Shenanigans

Amidst all the chaos that diabetes throws into my life, I hate strongly dislike overnight hypos the most.  Continue reading “Overnight Shenanigans”

My Diabetes Inklings

Hypos, Dementors and Nutella

Although I worry about diabetes complications, the thing I loathe most about diabetes are the hypos/lows or low blood sugars. Especially when they hit in the middle of night. It becomes a battle between trying to raise your sugars to a reasonable level and sleep. But what else can you do? When diabetes hands you lemons, sometimes you just gotta suck it.

Continue reading “Hypos, Dementors and Nutella”