My Diabetes Inklings

When Diabetes Isn’t 1st Priority

The last few weeks and the next few weeks are going to be absolute manic for me. Many things are flying around in my life such as writing up my Honours thesis. Diabetes senior camp next week, as well as maintaing relationships with the people I hold dearest to in my life. There is no… Continue reading When Diabetes Isn’t 1st Priority

General Life Happenings

The Great Dilemma

It's frustrating how it only takes one night of bad sleep to ruin a good run. Last week I was immensely proud that I had lost some weight and that it had stayed off, I was feeling awesome because of my exercise and I was starting to push myself harder at the gym. For the… Continue reading The Great Dilemma

General Life Happenings

Finding a de-stressor!

Been a while since I've had time to sit down to write. Noticed that my last post was on the 17th of March. Amazing! I should be doing some work now but it's already so late, and my brain is exhausted I figured I'd be more productive in the morning after I've had a good… Continue reading Finding a de-stressor!