My Diabetes Inklings

Burnout Be Gone!

Sometimes, you don’t even realise that you’re burning out from diabetes until you’re at the tail end of it. You do what you need to get by the day, rinse and repeat. The biggest question is: how did I not realise that I was going through a diabetes burnout? And how long has this been going on? I failed to see the little things I was doing to cut corners with my diabetes management. Continue reading “Burnout Be Gone!”

My Diabetes Inklings

Just Keep Running…

I have just signed up for Run Melbourne 2013!


A year ago I would have outright said no to any sort of running and now I’ll be attempting to run 5km for fundraising purposes?!


How did this happen?

Continue reading “Just Keep Running…”

My Diabetes Inklings

Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge Day 13 – Acrostics

D is for danger, living life on the edge.

I is me, the center of my life with my diabetes.

A is for awe, at the inspirational people living with diabetes out there.

B is for boring (or not), something my life will not have with diabetes around.

E is for encountering new challenges and new experiences you come across with diabetes.

T is for the amazing new technology available to us make our lives with diabetes easier.

E is for encouragement for everyone out in the big bad world with diabetes.

S is for sucky, which is what some days with diabetes are like.