Dear Healthcare Professionals

Dear Healthcare Professionals – Listen Listen Listen

I’m really glad that there is a big push in mental health awareness now. Especially when it comes to chronic conditions like diabetes. Dealing with a relentless demands of mimicking a working pancreas every day is hard work. As healthcare professionals, we are trained to analyse numbers in a patient. Improvement in numbers equates to successful management. Patients are labeled as non-compliant if numbers don’t improve. As a healthcare professional, this disappoints me. As a person with diabetes, this infuriates me.  Continue reading “Dear Healthcare Professionals – Listen Listen Listen”

Dear Healthcare Professionals

What can we learn from Pete Evans?

Pete Evans certainly knows how to make a name for himself. From being a celebrity chef to an advocate of the Paleo diet, controversy follows him every step of the way. While the nutrition community moans and groans when another celebrity endorses a fad diet, there is something different with this situation. Many posts from his Facebook group have stirred up comments from healthcare professionals who are worried about the lack of evidence behind some of his statements. In return, many from his ‘tribe’ have attacked such questioning by labeling health professionals as outdated and narrow minded. These exchanges and debates, though somewhat entertaining, provide a very stark reminder for health professionals when engaging in social media.

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Dear Healthcare Professionals, General Life Happenings

Upcoming BMJ Series – What Your Patient Is Thinking

For a long time now, we as patients with chronic conditions, have been crying out for doctors to listen to us. We want to tell them to get their heads out of their books and to see us as a person before our medical condition. We want them to treat us with respect, dignity and as equals.

But do we realise that this is finally happening? Although it has been slow to pick up, I’m seeing more diabetes conferences attempting to include sessions that are patient involved or patient led. There are even diabetes conferences that are led by people with diabetes for their peers! For me, both as a person with diabetes and a health professional, this is exhilarating! As the voices of patients becomes louder, we are starting to see a change in healthcare that we eagerly welcome.

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