Dear Healthcare Professionals


What do you get when you throw nutrition bloggers, researchers and health professionals together with Dairy Australia? Networking over beautiful cheese platters and a magnificent yoghurt bar, and an afternoon of learning about research in unnecessary dairy and wheat exclusion in today's diet. If you're interested in the Paleo diet, check out associate professor of nutrition and… Continue reading Dairy is LEGENDAIRY!

My Diabetes Inklings

Exercise Is Never A Waste Of Time

Often during exercise I'm not sure if the symptoms I'm feeling are from the workout or from a hypo. Having a hypo during or after a workout can be really demoralising. Imagine you've just slogged your guts out, but you now have to eat the amount calories than you've just burned (probably more) to treat a… Continue reading Exercise Is Never A Waste Of Time

My Diabetes Inklings

Hypos – that loving betes feeling

"Hypos are just low blood sugars and once you correct that number by eating some sugar, it's no big deal." - person without diabetes. If only it were that simple... Hypos, or low blood sugars, are one of the most hated and scariest things associated with diabetes. Definitions and cut off points are surprisingly varied… Continue reading Hypos – that loving betes feeling