My Diabetes Inklings

Spare a Rose, Save a Child

Having had a spare time to have a proper look at my diary yesterday, I was astonished to see that we’re nearing the end of the first month of 2015! With February around the corner, so too is the Diabetes Online Community’s first big fundraiser of the year.

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My Diabetes Inklings

JDRF – Jump to Cure Diabetes

Not a week goes by without some news article about diabetes making it into the media. Generally, these pieces generally focusses on type 2 diabetes and plays on the stereotypical scenario of poor lifestyle choices. Millions of dollars are poured into prevention programs for type 2 diabetes every year by the government. With all the spotlight on type 2 diabetes, it’s not surprising that people with type 1 diabetes feel left out. Continue reading “JDRF – Jump to Cure Diabetes”