General Life Happenings

The Price Is Right (NOT)!

My current gym membership is due to end in the next few months, so I thought it would be good to do a price check on other gyms around the area. Sadly, I made the big mistake of heading into the gym I had happily quit over a year ago. Continue reading “The Price Is Right (NOT)!”

My Diabetes Inklings

Ten Bloody Thousand Steps

I’ve previously written about how trying to accomplish all the things we should do to minimise risk of complications from diabetes can end up feeling like a chore (see Ticking Boxes) and even lead to burnout. Try adding in a fitness tracker, where the default goal is usually set to 10,000 steps and a competitive nature…
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My Diabetes Inklings

Exercise Is Never A Waste Of Time

Often during exercise I’m not sure if the symptoms I’m feeling are from the workout or from a hypo. Having a hypo during or after a workout can be really demoralising. Imagine you’ve just slogged your guts out, but you now have to eat the amount calories than you’ve just burned (probably more) to treat a hypo. It feels like a wasted workout. But is it really?

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