Dear Healthcare Professionals

Loopy for Lupins

Recently, I attended a Diabetes and Heart Health Update hosted by the Dietitians Association of Australia. The day covered many topics from how we can help transform our traditional meat and three veg meals into a mediterranean style diet to reduce cardiovascular risk to FODMAPs and diabetes management. One of the most interesting topics that… Continue reading Loopy for Lupins

My Diabetes Inklings

Patient Empowerment in Diabetes Self-Management

A while ago, I blogged about a patient led and patient authored series on BMJ called What Your Patient Is Thinking. I am so proud to read a piece published in this series by my good friend and past president of the International Diabetes Federation's Young Leaders in Diabetes programme Alex Silverstein. His topic was on what… Continue reading Patient Empowerment in Diabetes Self-Management

My Diabetes Inklings

Diabetes Diagnosis – The Initial Shock

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness sucks. You go through a flurry of emotions because you can even begin to accept it. From anger to bitterness to nervous giggles and cringe-worthy jokes, few emotions and coping mechanisms will be spared as you deal with this road block. And that's exactly what I see diabetes as… Continue reading Diabetes Diagnosis – The Initial Shock