My Diabetes Inklings

My Exposed Pancreas

Having had my CGMs on my arm when it's t-shirt weather has been interesting. It seemed to capture people's attention more than chopping off most of my hair (RIP beloved ponytail). I guess having a chunky thing sticking out from your arm is pretty hard to ignore.  Initially, I didn't think many people would even notice… Continue reading My Exposed Pancreas

My Diabetes Inklings

Getting Stuck Into Dexcom (thanks DOC)

Today is day 17 with my second Dexcom CGM sensor I got from a promo. Considering my first sensor fell out before the full seven days was up, I'm super impressed with 17 days and counting. The major difference this time is that I've got the sensor on my arm and I've got good sticky… Continue reading Getting Stuck Into Dexcom (thanks DOC)

Dear Healthcare Professionals, My Diabetes Inklings

#ADSADEA2015 – Technology influencing health behaviour

With the first (and only) session I wanted to head to starting at 9am, I had a fabulous sleep in. If only my diabetes would have let me go to bed earlier. But that's a story for another time. I was excited at this technology symposium I was attending before heading home back to my… Continue reading #ADSADEA2015 – Technology influencing health behaviour