My Diabetes Inklings

DX2 Sydney

Last week, I was incredibly lucky to be invited to Sydney for Abbott Diabetes Care’s first Diabetes Exchange event (DX2). The first DX2 event focussed on the launch of the Freestyle Libre direct from Abbott Diabetes Care to people with diabetes*.  Continue reading “DX2 Sydney”

My Diabetes Inklings

Losing Track

Diabetes takes up a lot of brain space. For me, diabetes management involves being mindful of what I eat and balancing it up with appropriate amounts of insulin. I need regular exercise, not only to help manage my  BGLs but also for a bit of stress relief. To get all of this going, I need to test my BGLs regularly and keeping on top of changing my pump sites.  Continue reading “Losing Track”

My Diabetes Inklings

2015 Favourite Five

Melbourne’s mercury is currently set at 39 degrees celsius and there are no shortage of reminders that 2016 is only hours away. 2015 has been a whirlwind of a year. Challenges, blood, sweat and tears littered the way of achieving milestones. Right now, I’m breathing a massive breath of relief for surviving another year and feeling super proud of all that I have accomplished in 2015. Here are my 2015 favourite five.

Continue reading “2015 Favourite Five”