My Diabetes Inklings

Chasing Perfection

In diabetes management, numbers seem to rule our lives. Doctors judge our diabetes “control” from our three-month blood glucose average (HbA1c). They look at the numbers to see if our cholesterol and lipids are within acceptable range. Our weight gets pulled into consideration, especially if we are insulin resistant. Finally, they look at our blood glucose levels that we ever so diligently record and bring into every appointment with us (/sarcasm) to see how we go day to day.  Continue reading “Chasing Perfection”

My Diabetes Inklings

Diabetes Stage Fright

Imagine this: You are at work and desperately need to do number 2’s. You head to the bathroom inconspicuously and rejoice quietly on the realisation that you’re alone in the bathroom. You’re about to drop the kids off at the pool in peace. At that same moment, someone comes in and uses the stall next you. All of a sudden you’ve frozen up and can’t go. Now imagine this but with testing BGLs, injecting or pumping in public. I call it – Diabetes Stage Fright!

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My Diabetes Inklings


When it comes to my diabetes healthcare team, I am particularly fussy. I won’t settle for someone who won’t engage, provides me with generic advice or interrogates me on that one high BGL two months ago. I don’t spend hundreds of dollars to be guilt-tripped that I haven’t done enough for myself or to feel like a failure. That service has already been provided for free by yours truly. Each person obviously has different situations, which greatly affects what you want or need from your healthcare professional. But here’s what I expect from my diabetes healthcare team.

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