My Diabetes Inklings

Getting Stuck Into Dexcom (thanks DOC)

Today is day 17 with my second Dexcom CGM sensor I got from a promo. Considering my first sensor fell out before the full seven days was up, I’m super impressed with 17 days and counting. The major difference this time is that I’ve got the sensor on my arm and I’ve got good sticky things (aka opsite flex). It may not be the prettiest thing in the world right now (see picture above) but it works. Continue reading “Getting Stuck Into Dexcom (thanks DOC)”

My Diabetes Inklings

The Morning After (when zombies cry)

I’ve written before about how overnight hypos are my schoolyard bullies in the diabetes world (see Overnight Shenanigans and Hypos, Dementors and Nutella). Right now, I’m working my hardest to try and get my overnight BGs sorted. I am so sick and over either having random lows in the middle of the night or waking up higher than where I like to be. The latter is something I can deal with no big dramas. It’s dealing with the morning after the lows that suck.  Continue reading “The Morning After (when zombies cry)”

My Diabetes Inklings

Continuous Glucose Monitoring – What all the fuss is about

I was never overly keen on continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) because I didn’t think I would need or use it. My hypos are few as my pancreas is still chugging along albeit rather wonkily. I had been functioning fine before a CGM, so I didn’t see how it would change my life…

Continue reading “Continuous Glucose Monitoring – What all the fuss is about”