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Have your cake and eat it too…in moderation!

Ever faced a situation where someone asks you, a person with diabetes, whether you're allowed to eat that piece of delicious cake in your hand? Chances are that if you have type 1 diabetes, you would stare at them with your laser death rays while proceeding to eat your cake. But just because you can… Continue reading Have your cake and eat it too…in moderation!

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Carb Counting in Singapore

Carbohydrate counting is hard. I'm pretty comfortable counting for the foods that I often eat at home. But when it comes to foods I'm not familiar with, I do struggle. So when I was overseas in Singapore a couple of weeks ago, I had a pretty interesting time with my diabetes. For those who aren't… Continue reading Carb Counting in Singapore

My Diabetes Inklings

OzDAFNE – More Than Counting Carbs.

Two weeks ago, I happily sacrificed my study week at uni to attend the OzDAFNE course at Diabetes Australia – Vic. Granted, I probably worked myself into the ground the week while trying to finish all my assignments. But it was mission accomplished! (sorta), which meant I could tackle the course with one less worry… Continue reading OzDAFNE – More Than Counting Carbs.