My Diabetes Inklings

Stop For Change

Day 4 of diabetes blog week and the topic we are on today is change. I’ve read and watched some amazing blogs in response to this topic and I’m not sure I do the topics I’m most passionate about eloquently into words. But I’ll try. Continue reading “Stop For Change”

Dear Healthcare Professionals, My Diabetes Inklings

Health Promotion Campaign or Marketing Grab?

Whilst taking a break from my literature review, I came across the FebFast fundraising campaign to tackle youth addiction. Initially, they focused on giving up alcohol for the month of February to raise funds. The highly successful campaign even won them a well-deserved Health Promotion Award in 2013. Sadly, in 2015, their ‘health promotion’ antics have gone wild as they branched out to include a junk food, social media or sugar ‘detox’. While I’m all for encouraging people to avoid junk food and good luck to those avoiding social media, I have a massive problem with the sugar part of it.

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Dear Healthcare Professionals, My Diabetes Inklings

Fighting Against Diabetes Stigma & Discrimination

Growing up, I was blissfully unaware about diabetes and what it involved. I knew that my grandfather had diabetes. He took tablets, watched everything he ate and exercised and is still healthy and active, even today. Type 1 diabetes was rarely talked about though, even during my health science degree at university. We may have had one lecture that briefly mentioned type 1 diabetes as an autoimmune disease. But everything I learned about diabetes from the media and textbooks focussed on type 2 diabetes. The main message was the same; you will develop type 2 diabetes if you are overweight, if you eat lots of ‘bad foods’ and if you don’t exercise. Now I know, this couldn’t be further away from the truth.  Continue reading “Fighting Against Diabetes Stigma & Discrimination”