Past Projects

Research Projects

Combining Continuous Glucose Monitoring with Online Peer Support Community

Role: Associate Investigator
In collaboration with leading researchers around the diabetes online community, we worked with Beyond Type 2 to develop a program to support Hispanic, Spanish speaking people with type 2 diabetes with their diabetes education and management. We also recruited and trained Spanish speaking people with lived experience as peer facilitators to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate support to participants. Our peer facilitators continued working with us to develop further training guides for future use. Click here to read about the outcomes from this project.

Diabetes Youth, Empowerment and Support (Diabetes YES) Program

Role: Chief Investigator & Project Manager
Diabetes YES aims to improve the health literacy and emotional wellbeing of young adults with diabetes as they transition through major life changes. Combining social media with online resources, Diabetes YES provides peer support and information specific to Australian young adults with diabetes aged 18-35 years. The program was co-designed and reviewed by young adults with diabetes and diabetes healthcare professionals. Click here to read about the outcomes from this project.

Diabetes Advocacy Projects

Beta Change

Role: Co-Founder & Director
Co-founded and led a group of international diabetes leaders to develop a platform for diabetes advocates around the globe to share their story. We strive to empower and support people within the diabetes community who are passionate in creating a change by connecting them with like minded individuals and amplifying their work. Click here to read more about Beta Change.

International Diabetes Federation Young Leader in Diabetes Programme

Australian and Western Pacific diabetes advocate representative from 2013. As part of the programme, I was part of the team to organise leadership training for subsequent young leaders from across the world in Vancouver 2015. I was also the young leader representative to sit on the IDF Diabetes Education Consultative Section until it was disbanded in 2016. Read my diabetes story on the IDF Diabetes Atlas, Tenth Edition here.