My Diabetes Inklings

The Ripple Effect in Diabetes Advocacy

Every drop in the ocean creates a ripple of change across the world.

I recently heard this being expressed at a conference symposium I facilitated and have been thinking about it since. August has been a busy month with back to back conferences in American and Australia for Diabetes Educators. Conferences are a great place for networking, learning and reflecting on my current work as a researcher, clinician and diabetes advocate. What I love most are the really meaningful conversations I get to have with people I wouldn’t normally chat with at these conferences. Continue reading “The Ripple Effect in Diabetes Advocacy”

My Diabetes Inklings

The Joy of Food

In my line of work, I can see a lot of unhappiness around food. People can talk about food in a very clinical way to manage acute and chronic conditions. I experienced this first hand during my early days of living with diabetes. I thought if sugar and carbohydrates was the problem I would just cut all of it out and that would be the fix I needed. Needless to say, I was very wrong. Not only did I feel miserable; all the artificial sweeteners made me feel physically ill. Continue reading “The Joy of Food”

My Diabetes Inklings

No More Spoons

When I first heard of the spoon theory, I thought it was such a cool metaphor to explain a person’s energy levels in people with disabilities. However, the spoon theory can also be relevant to people without a chronic condition. I mean…life IS a chronic condition right? Continue reading “No More Spoons”