My Diabetes Inklings

Sticks and stones may break your bones…

…but words will always be there to haunt you.

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My Diabetes Inklings


Three years ago, my life changed when I was received my first insulin pump. The pump has made my diabetes a little easier to manage and my life a little less restrictive. It’s the most expensive thing I possess and every day, I’m thankful to have it. And every year, when this little throwback pops up, I get slightly emotional as I’m reminded of the journey to get to this point.
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My Diabetes Inklings

Common Sense and Social Media

Social media is an incredible medium. It’s like man-made mother nature; it can be frightening or it can restore our faith in humanity. The beauty of social media is that we are in control of it. It is up to us to manage what we want to see, what we choose to share and how we use it. Like anything in life, poor choices lead to dire consequences. Continue reading “Common Sense and Social Media”