My Diabetes Inklings

2019 In Review

Here’s an exercise my partner told me he’s been working on and I thought it would be a good idea for me to do as well. There are three things to focus on: 1) something that you felt went well during the year, 2) what didn’t work so well and 3) what you want to be working on for the new year ahead. Seems like a simple task but it actually takes a bit of honest self-reflection to get any benefit from it. Continue reading “2019 In Review”

My Diabetes Inklings

Closing Thoughts for 2019

I have had a nice, unintended and well-needed break from my blog over the past few months. During this time, I’ve had lots of conversations of whether to stop my blog and diabetes advocacy altogether (even my involvement with Beta Change) and just live the simple life. Life has been absolute madness and to think that I will have some quiet time to focus on either of these things is incredibly naive, which leaves me at a horrible crossroad coming into the new decade(!).   Continue reading “Closing Thoughts for 2019”

My Diabetes Inklings

The Ripple Effect in Diabetes Advocacy

Every drop in the ocean creates a ripple of change across the world.

I recently heard this being expressed at a conference symposium I facilitated and have been thinking about it since. August has been a busy month with back to back conferences in American and Australia for Diabetes Educators. Conferences are a great place for networking, learning and reflecting on my current work as a researcher, clinician and diabetes advocate. What I love most are the really meaningful conversations I get to have with people I wouldn’t normally chat with at these conferences. Continue reading “The Ripple Effect in Diabetes Advocacy”