General Life Happenings


A couple of weeks ago, I spent some time in Copenhagen, Denmark. Primarily I was there for a two day conference/workshop hosted by Steno Diabetes Centre and Leicester Diabetes Centre. My trip was made extra worthwhile with a few meetings and catching up with friends. The workshop was one of the best I’ve ever attended. I’ll save that as a blog post for another day. Meanwhile, here are some my snaps from the happiest city in the world!

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General Life Happenings


Today I’m another year older. As I reflect back on the year that was 26, I’m kinda glad it’s over. There were definitely things to be celebrated and achievements I am incredibly proud of. At the same time, it’s been an emotionally tough year. Or as you may put it…’challenging’… Continue reading “27”

General Life Happenings


I draw my inspiration and motivation from many places. Mostly it’s from people around me and my experiences prompts some element of change, which reinvigorates me when I start to feel burned out with life in general (not just with diabetes management).  Continue reading “Inspiration”