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Bittersweet Diagnosis is my collection of thoughts, reflections and opinions about life with diabetes as a researcher, healthcare professional and person with diabetes. All posts on Bittersweet Diagnosis are written by myself unless otherwise stated and is visible to everyone. Comments are moderated and I reserve the right to delete comments if they are considered inappropriate. Please also include sources to any health or medical information in your comments that is not your personal experience or general knowledge.

Bittersweet Diagnosis does not disclose any personal information, unless permission has been obtained. I don’t get paid to write anything on this blog, therefore any reviews are my own personal opinion and any disclosures will be stated on relevant posts. Bittersweet Diagnosis does not receive any external funding from any organisation, nor does it accept any advertising offers.

Most importantly, I may be a dietitian but if you decide to make any changes to your medical regime, always check with your diabetes healthcare team first! Any advice on this blog should not replace the advice provided by your healthcare team.

Last updated – April 2017.

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