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Chasing D-Tech

Diabetes technology has advanced so quickly since my diagnosis. Having such a wide range of choices is truly exciting. While it can be easy to chase new tech for the sake of having the latest gadgets, it’s empowering to know I get to choose diabetes tech based on what works for me. The time for me to make the big pump decision is coming up soon and the options are even more exciting than ever!

Recently I felt like something did need to change with my diabetes management. I wrote about finding a new diabetes educator. One of the reasons for that was to help with the process of getting a new pump. I’ve been on my little YpsoPump for four years now, which I’ve loved. Remote bolusing is now (finally) available and so is closed looping. I have yet to try the remote bolusing function as I’m still waiting to pick up my new pump. These days, things get frantic with two young kids and I’m starting to forget to bolus for my food after doing the calculation on my phone. So having the remote bolus function would be super handy and reduce a step there.

While the closed loop option is also available with the YpsoPump, it’s only been approved for the Android platform, which would mean having to purchase another device to be able to use it. I will then also lose the ability to see my Dexcom numbers on my AppleWatch because Dexcom will run directly via camAPS on the Android phone, which won’t connect to the AppleWatch. I also don’t know how I feel about looping yet as I’ve always shied away it as I didn’t have the brain space to build my own loop. So I’m glad that this plug and play option is not available.

The other big contender is the Omnipod, which has finally landed in Australia. However, as soon as I saw the price tag of it, I knew it wasn’t something I could ever consider at $400 a month. Omnipod isn’t funded by any private health insurances in Australia as it doesn’t fit within their pricing structure. Instead Omnipod are seeking NDSS subsidy to help with the affordability of it and bypassing private health insurance route altogether. This in itself is exciting as private health insurance is becoming ridiculously expensive for little return on investment for a lot of people.

In the meantime, Omnipod are offering a “product familiarisation” promotion of $30 for 30 days worth of pods. As a follow on, there’s an extra deal to buy two months worth of pods and getting two months for free. That still works out to be $200 per month and if you can’t afford the $400 upfront, good luck paying $800 for four months in one go. This deal finishes at the end of October 2022. So if you’re thinking about trialing it, get organised asap!

That being said, I’m loving the idea of a tubeless pump aka patch pump with two little ones and a cat who thinks pump tubing is a fun toy. My toddler co-sleeps with us in bed and we often end up tangled in my pump line as any parent will know that kids never stay still even when asleep. Another pro of having a patch pump is the freedom to wear clothes without always needing pockets for the pump. Especially when I’m currently already restricted in my clothing while breastfeeding. Having a bit of freedom with what I wear will be amazing.

The biggest cons that I can think of at this time of the Omnipod is the need to carry a second device (a personal diabetes manager [PDM] that’s like a small android phone) and not being able to stretch out the pods for longer that 72 hours. At the moment I’m just letting my insulin reservoir run low before I change things and who knows how long that is. So maybe having something yell at me to change my site wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

I do acknowledge that I’m in such a lucky position to be able to trial these two products and have the support around me to do so. It takes a lot of effort to be able to organise the appointments and find out more information about each product. There have been times where I felt it would be easier to just stick with what I’m doing. But if I’m in a position to access technology that would help make my life easier in any way, I won’t throw that privilege away.

YpsoPump also makes for a great nail model holder

2 thoughts on “Chasing D-Tech”

  1. I also considered an omnipod, with the caeat that I might have to change every two instead of three days. I choose to take the tube one more time at least. the main reason was the lack of integration with my new sexi dexi. I do like sexi, she makes me happy. 🙂 Now I hear it is integrated or soon will be. (famous last words of DTech – it soon will be).

    These are big decisions I always wonder at age 65 if this will be my last pump. I hope not, I like new tech,,, a lot.

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