General Life Happenings

Remembering to Breathe

The kids’ bedtime is my favourite time of the day. It means another day is over and we all survived (mainly me). It’s a time of quiet in the household and restoring it to some sort of tidiness. Then it leads to my other favourite part of the night – a hot shower. There’s something therapeutic about standing under hot running water.

I love my two munchkins. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t look at them without my heart melting and feeling a sense of awe that I’m their mother. But having two kids under two is utterly exhausting. When I have the girls solo, it’s usually an absolute panic fest trying to make sure the toddler is safe while settling the baby.

Then there are times I look over to my husband with the girls and envy him. He is the fun parent. He handles the two of them so smoothly. Me? I’m a flustered flailing octopus and I’m sure it shows. I’m the one that runs around making sure all the bags are packed and that we don’t leave anything behind. Good lessons I’ve learned from life with diabetes, funny enough. Except now it’s more than just about me.

As I unwind before bed, I like to scroll through photos from the day and sometimes I barely remember the moment the picture was taken. Or the photo captures a seemingly nice, calm moment. Yet in my memory, it felt like chaos. How do you remember to slow down during these moments to just breathe and enjoy the moment? Something for me to work on.

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