My Diabetes Inklings

Climbing Mountains

Things have been tough recently. Work has been challenging, which has made keeping up with life a little bit harder. Things have been left to pile up, scripts have been left unfilled, meals have been left to last minute decisions and my self-care was worn down to the bare minimum. I felt like I have been climbing a never-ending mountain with no respite in sight. Since I wrote my last blog about being kind to myself, I decided it was time to take my own advice.

First, I gave myself permission to turn off all my notifications and focus on crossing things off my to-do list. Recently I went to a workshop and someone mentioned that they only checked their email twice a day. The thought alone made me anxious. Hence I tried only turning off the notifications. And it’s made the world of a difference. I get less distracted, focus more on the task at hand and I’d like to think I’m a bit more efficient.

With that, I’ve made a promise to myself to devote more time to things I enjoy doing. One of those things included biting the bullet and trying out (and joined!) a boxing gym. Boxing is something I’ve been keen to try for a few years but never had the confidence or guts to do. But with things changing at my other gym, there was no better time.

By allowing myself time and space to do things I need to do while counterbalancing that with things I enjoy has removed a lot of guilt that hovers over my head. I feel lighter, more relaxed and less worried. All of this also gives me more brain space to think about my diabetes and getting on top of my sugars.

I’ve always thought that diabetes stressed me out, which makes me consider seeing a counsellor who specialised in diabetes. And yet, it’s times like these that make me wonder if it’s really just the clutter around life and immense pressure we put ourselves under that inhibits us from being kind to ourselves.

More amazing autumn sights like these also help with the zen!

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