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Holidaying with a new pump

To celebrate the end of my PhD and my (not so) new job, my partner and I decided to (finally) have a holiday. We decided on Singapore as my sister had already made plans to visit some relatives and we wanted to tag along to surprise them. Preparation for this trip happened like any other trip – we started packing the night before. The only difference with this trip was the YpsoPump that I was given the opportunity to trial a few days before I went away. I had never used anything aside done my Vibe before, so I had no idea what a challenging adjustment it would be.

The biggest adjustment was probably getting used to the Orbit infusion sets, which are slightly bulkier than the Inset II’s that I was used to. Even though I had packed extra infusion sets, I almost ran out of supplies. I ripped my first site out on the plane on the way over, because tight jeans + avoiding puddles in small bathrooms + bulky infusion site on thigh = disaster. The next site I pulled out was a freshie on my thigh at the start of a 10km hike. At this point I was down to my second last infusion set so tried to make it last as long as I can until it fell out (literally) on the plane back home.

There were other little nuances that I struggled to get used to or overcome with the YpsoPump, which I will talk about further in a later blog post. Thankfully, I listened to a wise friend who suggested I bring my old pump and some supplies as back up. There were definitely times I was tempted to switch back just to get some familiarity. Looking back, it probably wasn’t the best idea to try a brand new pump that hasn’t hit the market yet while holidaying overseas.

To top it all off, my BG meter died on me one morning. Despite numerous attempts to reset it by removing the batteries, I kept receiving an error message. Of course, I also didn’t bring a back up meter with me. Luckily, after letting it have its little tantrum, it decided to play nice again.

It’s times like these that remind me of all the extra considerations and preparations that people with diabetes need to go through in order not to let this condition stand in our way of living our life. It makes me angry and frustrated because most people take this for granted. On the other hand, I am grateful to even have access to such technology as it makes diabetes a little easier to life with (when it’s all working properly)!

YpsoPump + Animas Vibe + fresh face = ready for holiday!

2 thoughts on “Holidaying with a new pump”

  1. I am interested in hearing how you feel about the YpsoPump. I have read much about it and I find the concept foreign to my understanding of pumps. I am sure you had a great trip and congratulations on the PhD.

    1. Thanks Rick! My next post should be about the YpsoPump. I think I would’ve had enough time to get over the adjustment period and really get a feel for it.

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