My Diabetes Inklings

An Evening with Sebastien Sasseville

There seem to be times where you happen to be in the right place and the right time and you get hit with a burst of inspiration. Tonight was one of those nights. I attended an event with Sebastien Sasseville, hosted by AMSL Diabetes. He spoke about what he learned from managing his diabetes through his Everest and Sahara Dessert journeys. The funniest part is that all his lessons and wisdom he imparted aren’t just applicable to diabetes. They are life lessons.

Recently, I have been struggling to balance my PhD work, paid work and Beta Change. I’m at the stage with each project that I’m tackling something new and scary. I think the only reason I find them scary is that I’m stepping into the unknown.

Yet at the same time, I’m excited by the challenge these projects bring. I’m excited because I know why I have chosen to work on these; I want to make tomorrow a better place for people with diabetes.

I chose my PhD topic because I saw a need for diabetes services for young adults and more evidence-base around the use of mobile health in healthcare. I want to help streamline the healthcare system, not just for people with diabetes, but for everyone living with a chronic condition.

My paid work focuses on training up future healthcare professionals, so they better understand the people they work with. Beta Change aims to build a collaborative network of people passionate in making a change in the diabetes community.

I have found my why in life and now I can’t let the fear of my big dream scare me from taking my first steps or give up. Especially when I know I have all the support I could possibly need surrounding me. There are no failures in my journey, just stumbles. And every stumble is a learning experience towards my success.

“The cost of not trying is much greater than the cost of failure.” – Sebastien Sasseville

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