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What is a healthy lifestyle?

Often, people attribute a healthy lifestyle to good eating habits and regular physical activity. Yet we don’t always talk about managing our emotional health and learning about balance.

I was thinking about this as I ventured to the Queen Victoria Winter Night Market with my partner and a couple of friends. Market time usually means a few things…

  1. Eating ALL the glorious and delicious foods!
  2. Emptying your bank account to try all the foods there and buying all the cool handmade craft.
  3. Spending half our time in lines.

We often end up eating ourselves silly each time. There’s such a huge variety of food at the Night Market and something different each season. It’s also a great opportunity to try out some fancy restaurant quality food too (hence the massive lines).

As my partner and I gushed on about some of the amazing foods we’ve tried at the market before, I reflected on the importance of emotions around food. Eating is such a social event that is sadly being lost with the obsession of diets and with terms like ‘clean eating’. I understand the importance of eating will, but I’m sick of hearing about the guilt that comes with enjoying foods like desserts.

I used to be intensely restrictive on my diet for fear of high blood sugars. It took years before I felt okay with ‘letting go’ and having a bite of dessert without feeling guilty. Stumbling across mindful eating was a revolutionary concept that just made sense to me. Mindful eating is all about being in the moment and enjoying your food but also creating a balance in eating and physical activity habits in life.

To me, a healthy lifestyle is more than just being conscious of what you eat and how much you exercise. It’s about allowing yourself to enjoy foods without feelings of guilt and giving yourself permission to take a rest day. Mindfulness is more than just a buzzword. It helps me to put some perspective and balance in life.



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