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Common Sense and Social Media

Social media is an incredible medium. It’s like man-made mother nature; it can be frightening or it can restore our faith in humanity. The beauty of social media is that we are in control of it. It is up to us to manage what we want to see, what we choose to share and how we use it. Like anything in life, poor choices lead to dire consequences.

Social media can cocoon us in our own bubble or it can help to expand our world. But let’s face it, we use social media mostly for ourselves. Whether it’s to validate what we’re feeling, share experiences or rant, it’s about us. And that’s perfectly normal and quite healthy. After all, that’s what we do when we catch up with friends face to face. So why should social media be any different?

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Think about it. Using social media is like leaving a paper trial, it can always be traced back to you somehow. You never know who is reading your posts, looking at your photos or watching your videos. And once it’s out there, you can’t take it back. It doesn’t matter how private your social media account settings are either. My only plea is to use common sense and to use social media mindfully.

Be mindful and sensitive to your subject matter. The world is vast but small. You never know when that six degrees of separation may come back and bite you in the butt. If you’re posting about someone else, put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if they were sharing a post about you without your permission. Most importantly, be kind. Kindness drives the world forward. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself or wait you till you’re in your safety bubble with your posse.

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4 thoughts on “Common Sense and Social Media”

  1. I think social media is the best tool for people who are older. I now have friends all over the world these days. I am conscious however of the bread crumbs I leave. But crumbs or no it has greatly expanded my world. In fact, if my father were still alive I would advise him to join twitter. After all think of all the folks he could talk too without calling me every day? LOL

    1. Social media is a great tool for anyone if use right! Isn’t that the saying that the technology is only as good as the user? 😉
      Haha I love that comment about your father. Funny cos that’s exactly what my mum does from time to time!

  2. Social Media is a bit funny. You may think you’re posting and getting support but you’re hurting someone else. I know when I was first diagnosed I was younger, dumber and angrier and I didnt figure out the difference between ranting because I hated my diagnosis & wanted to project that onto anything or anyone else, and seeking support.

    I think I pissed off the diabetes community before I figured out what I was really angry at and realised how much I actually looked up to them.

    It did teach me not to take anything on social media to heart though, because it might be the only outlet someone has – I didn’t have a diabetes posse in the real world for a long time. Now I have one and can take my gripes to them (although my gripes are very trivial these days as I have learnt to pick what is and is not important to care about).

    1. Hmm…you’re very right. It’s important to give others the benefit of the doubt and recognise where they’re at with their diabetes.

      We all learn through experience and now you’re a wise cookie! I’m glad you’ve found your posse. ❤️

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