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Love is…

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. I hope everyone has had a chance to spare a rose and save a life. If not, there’s still time to donate the cost of a rose (or more), which will provide insulin to a child for at least a month.

When we talk about Valentine’s Day, our thoughts go straight to our significant other (or lack of one). However this year, I’ve been reminded that we are surrounded by people who care about us and whom we hold dear in our lives. As we discussed how diabetes impacts the relationships we have with people around us during our #OzDOC chat this week, it made me appreciate my loved ones a little bit more.

As much as we want to feel like diabetes can’t take anything away from us, there are times where we feel defeated. There are those we have scared off because they couldn’t handle the sight of needles and friends we have lost because we wouldn’t follow their amazing natural diet/supplementation/alternative therapy plan to cure our diabetes.

giphy (21).gif

At the same time, we have moments that restores our faith in humanity. Like when Lou mentioned during #OzDOC that they had just started a new job and received immense support from their workplace regarding diabetes. Then there are families who come together in the face of a diabetes diagnosis to make positive lifestyle changes as a unit.

Faith in humanity restored.

These stories remind me that diabetes doesn’t just impact us as the one living with it. Diabetes has a profound impact on the people around us too. My mum has probably been one of my biggest supports throughout my diagnosis. I can see and feel her heartache for me but also pride at how I’ve managed my diabetes while living up life.

This Valentine’s Day I’m grateful for my support crew who understand that diabetes is mine to manage and take charge of. They support me in the decisions I make and are there to prop me up when I stumble along the way. I feel blessed that diabetes has brought me closer with my family and introduced some kick ass friends into my life. It makes my heart feel so very full, despite my beta cells being fairly empty.

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Me right now.



3 thoughts on “Love is…”

  1. Ashley, I was able to send my wife a note on a national RA site. Yeah, my significant other is significant. Check it on my word press site if you are interested.

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